AstroX October News Update

3 min readOct 28, 2021


UX Improvements, QRCode Login, AMA & Shanghai

Who are we?

[AstroX: building Web3 Identity Service for 8 billion users]

[AstroX: Update #2: A look into Agent-dart, AstroX ME and beyond]

Hello everyone, the weather is getting cooler indicating that autumn has come. The cooler weather is also a brisk reminder to welcome Q4 2021. Here’s what AstroX has been up to as of late:



  • Alpha testing was not only successful, we also received lots of great feedback. At this time, we have focused on fixing bugs and improving user experience. We are almost ready to launch a new version of AstroX ME, which is now in test stages. In the latest version, we improved a new version of UI and added many new features. Make sure to follow AstroX’s socials for the latest version updates.
  • Furthermore, we have been digging deep into the concept of decentralized identity. We believe a Web3 identity should be an important asset to everyone, and the value of identity is decided by what it contains or connects. We may propose a proposal later to illustrate our idea and discuss it with you all.


  • For better user experience, AstroX ME will feature login by QRcode. With a QRcode, everyone can have a smooth Web2-like experience when logging in to their DApps. Some other user experience aspects have also been improved.
  • What’s equally important is that AstroX ME App(Android) is under development. We have high expectations for the impact that AstroX ME will have on the mobile ecosystem. We foresee the AstroX ME App being published soon.


  • We successfully held an AMA live broadcast on Discord centered around Agent Dart. Please check the video below:

  • The topic of TACHIKOMA was introduced and demonstrated on DFINITY’s official developer Discord channel, receiving a great response. We are very grateful to the DFINITY developer community for giving us this opportunity to show off our contributions and supporting us as part of the DFINITY family.
  • In the spirit of Web3 and decentralization, we launched a new community vote, "AstroX's LOGO? It's up to you!" where AstroX supporters can decide their favorite project logo.
  • On October 25th, AstroX co-founder Michael So was invited to present at DFINITY's BLOCKCHAIN SINGULARITY conference in Shanghai. He introduced AstroX, TACHIKOMA, and discussed the future of Internet Computer and Web3 with many developers. Good wine, new friends new and old friends alike, this has most certainly been an enjoyable journey.

Finally, we wish you all a happy life and work!

Stay tuned!

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Our Vision: AstroX: building Web3 Identity Service for 8 billion users

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