AstroX: building Web3 Identity Service for 8 billion users


What is identity service and why is it important?

The core concept of the Web3 Identity Service is to let users easily manage and control their data without any third-party intermediary, such as Facebook, Google, or Apple, etc.

AstroX ME is built on top of Dfinity’s Internet Identity (II)

Dfinity launched its mainnet in early May, along with its Identity system called Internet Identity(II). Through Dfinity’s II, people can create and link identities using multiple trusted devices, such as Yubikey, Ledger hardware wallet, or their smartphone.

Pain Points of using Internet Identity

1. Most people don’t have Yubikey to connect to their PC or smartphones. In the meantime, biometric supported devices are not commonly used by end-users, especially for those who use PC and laptops.

AstroX’s unique value proposition: bringing the existing crypto users to Web3

Internet Identity is yet to become prevailing even in the crypto space. The difference between wallet keys and identities is hard to fathom for many people and to understand the combined usage is even harder.

AstroX ME identity service

To provide a more comprehensive solution on top of Internet Identity, we are building AstroX ME, an enhanced version of identity service. The product is:

What can you expect from AstroX in the long run?

Building on top of the Web3 identity service is just a start. We are aiming to be the aggregator of the Web3 system, and our mission is to bridge the Web2 and the Web3, and to build products bringing the mass internet users to the Web3 universe.



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